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Great Sales Books for the Lean Sales Professional

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Key takeaway on what makes a sales book great.
The greatest sales book is the one you actually read and then put into practice daily. That said, here are a few of my favorites that will make a HUGE difference if you read them and then systematically try to implement the parts that are relevant to your sales journey, again and again, until you've made them your own (i.e., fits your style, market and audience).
(Note: I plan to update this to be more specific about what I like about them, but don't want to haste in publishing this since I was asked for a list in my last presentation to founders on sales, please excuse the vagueness in the meantime ... and please ask questions in the comments and give your feedback on the books if you read them).
You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar
I first came across this book while learning how to sell at Oracle Inc. The professional sales training firm they hired, Winninginc Inc by Mike Meyers, uses the Sandler Sales system.
This book covers the foundation of this sales system as it tells the story of how it came to be.  I can't recommend the book or Mike's training more and think this is the best place for a founder to start.
Read the book once over and then come back and start to try a few of the things it introduces. It is a great compliment to the 10 Step sales process by Steve Browne which is referenced in another blog post.
Closing the Deal
I have not read this book front to cover but have used certain section of it. There are some great example call scripts. It has been some time since I've used it so I'll update this section to be more specific. It is worth noting that this and the other book by Sandler are often times given out as prizes during sales training and are good to use together.
The Greatest Salesman in the World
I read this years ago while in college. Not sure how I stumbled upon it. But it is a great story and has a unique approach to it (i.e., you are supposed to read different chapters multiple times a day). I found it a great way to internalize parts of selling (e.g., Smile & Dial) especially for Founder Selling which can be brutal and full of suffering!
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