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Roles and stages we play (when available)


We like to rev our engines and quickly dive deep to accelerates the team's learning-by-doing in half and full day increments once or twice a month to begin. Over time, we move our focus from setting up and refining the sales process to being a weekly forecasting or just-in-time resource to tap as new issues, opportunities and skill gaps are encountered.


Play the required role to learn and validate.

(Not currently available)


Institutionalize the learning to shorten ramp-up period.

(Not currently available)


Onboard new team members.


Source and filter talent.


Run forecast meetings, mentor.


Help CEO or team leads manage and work with sales executives.

Our goal goal is to advance your sales process development, reduce risk and put your company in a position to attract the best sales team possible. Eventually we are able to step away from any hands-on efforts and become an advisor to the executive team and sales lead.

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