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What did you learn from applying or not applying Lean Sales?

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The value of mentoring.

The little known secret on mentoring is that the mentor gets a lot in return of the relationship even when it seems one sided (e.g., the mentor freely giving their time to a founder who can never repay them for their time).

Everyone has their own reasons for mentoring. Though there is one benefit that is universally common. That is learning from real world application.

The best way to repay a mentor is to share with them what you learned, what you applied, what you didn't apply, your thinking and what were the results.

This both helps establish an ongoing mentor / mentee relationship, but also, lets the mentor learn and refine their mentoring in different context and to update them as times change and new markets demand adjusting of advice.

If you are one to seek mentors, this is the single best advice I can give from my experience being mentored by some of the greatest mentors of all time who collectively have raised hundreds of millions of dollars and have created billions in market cap.  

This is why the "Next Steps" I ask for as I open sales mentoring sessions is to come here to share with me what you learned based on applying or not applying anything I covered in my intro presentation on Lean Sales.

Specifically, I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below:

  • What you learned (the most applicable)
  • What you applied
  • What you decided not to apply
  • Your thinking or thought process either way
  • And the results (what you learned)
  • Finally, any follow on questions that comes from getting to the next steps of your deal(s)

This will help me continue to hone my intro to Lean Sales presentation that I often given freely at incubators and to early stage founders.

I will be answering questions from time to time from the comments section and will also incorporate your feedback into future sessions to benefit us all.

Thank you very much for your time and attention. May you uniquely end suffering in your target market and be paid dearly for it.

- Walter R. Roth

Founder Inward Inc


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