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Sales Presentation Links

From presentations given at the Founder's Institute.

Links to resources mentioned:
Read the blog post on this:
By Steve Browne
Key points:
- The 3 Questions
- Sales is a Search
- The only unforgivable sin in sales is wasting time.
Read about the 10 Steps:
By Steve Browne
Download Qualification Worksheet based on the 3 questions: 
By Steve Browne
(Be aware of any resistance towards updating this daily)
(If you don't, chances you'll fail are exponentially higher)
Google docs can be a great cheap and simple "CRM" to start with.
See the example above, note the equation to calculate the expected revenue.
You can innovate on the Pilot Agreement outline above, yet know why.
Each section is designed specifically to quickly disqualify deals that will never close and to shorten the timeline and certainty for those that will.
Try figuring out what a pilot looks like to you and start selling, you'll learn more this way than trying to pitch an idea where feedback is hard to interpret.
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