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Lean Sales Pipeline Template

Opening up this excel sheet in google doc is a good place to start a free sharable pipeline. It can later be implemented within any CRM. There are multiple tabs:

  2. 10 STEPS
Note: Most of it is from Steve Browne's Innovators Traction blog and Book.

For startups still in customer development, you can use this pipeline template to get started. The first 3 steps of the sales process relates to getting the attention of prospects and determining the value proposition (Why buy anything, Why buy us, Why buy now). In the case you are still in Customer Development, you can begin to build a pipeline of people you plan to return to once your product is ready as the "Next Step" for your Customer Development interviews.

The goal is to apply sales process to your customer development process so all your efforts can be investments into driving your first sales. Lastly, you may also discovery that you can apply a "Pilot Close" to a prospect so much in pain that they are willing to buy parts of you time and attention now to build out your solution (i.e., they pay now to make the solution available to them sooner).

Prospecting Focus Notes

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