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    Bridge the gap between innovation and sales with a lean sales method - composed of simple sales process, habit and mindset designed for innovators first and foremost.

  • Success Stories

    More upon request...

    Was new to sales, now is highest ranked sales professional on 30 person team.

    Former teacher turned Edtech Sales Rep

    - Sarina

    Sabrina had no sales experience when she left teaching to impact schools through selling adaptive EdTech. Initially she experienced a negative feedback loop with calls. After initial training, that loop become positive and lead to great results.

    1 Hour Cold Calling Module - Script MVP

    Business Model Inc's Managing Director (SF)

    - Justin Lokitz

    Wanted to create an MVP to test and refine as part of the hour module. Ultimately aims to bring sales methodology to their team starting with how they generate more leads while making the best use of everyone's time.

    Impacted every interaction with small nuances, which makes selling actually enjoyable.

    Learned how to authentically sell.

    Impacts every interaction, plan for the day and resulted in being number 1 on team and actually enjoying selling!

    Close mind, open hearts and mouths

    Discovered this skill worked first time then made it more casual with each use.

    Founder Tom describers the first time he applied in a way that helped accelerate discussions and get the information he needed to make the best use of everyone's time.

    Cofounder dynamic around selling

    Mentoring Session at Incubator

    Interactive session on sales process and how to get information required to validate your business model early on.

    Value Driven

    Founding CEO describes impact of training on their value proposition.

  • Sales is a search for suffering you uniquely end with your value proposition.

    Efficiently apply what you do best as an innovator to remove obstacles standing between you and your endeavor's massive positive impact.

  • Work with us to maximize your existing team's skills and knowledge to establish a repeatable sales model.

    Attract world class sales professionals who know how to take a proven repeatable sales model and scale it. Know how to keep them accountable and mentor them on a lean approach to winning at sales.

  • Roles We Play

    We work with founders and founding teams in three ways to fit stage and needs:


    Short term guidance through one-on-one coffee sessions and incubator programs with a "mentor-forward" philosophy (e.g., Founders Institute, Gateway)


    Long term guidance as advisory board members in exchange for advisory board equity (e.g., SilverTailSystems/EMC, Evolute)


    High impact one-one-on sessions with founder/leaders and one-on-few trainings with founding team for a monthly retainer (e.g., Unitive)

  • About

    Lean Sales brings together sales, engineering, and product experience acquired over a decade of new business launches. Our network of domain experts and sales professionals help us tailor services to your particular needs. In addition our skilled partner network can create sale and marketing collateral to elegantly and effectively promote your product and brand.

    Walter Roth


    Drove the initial sales and sales process ramp up for multiple startups across technology, media and service providers. Personally raised over $4M in funding for his own startups, been an EIR at a Silicon Valley venture fund and advises other companies how to scale sale and raise capital.

  • How It Works

    Our approach is to leverage the brains, guts and drive of the founding team.

    We prefer to leverage small amounts of our time towards the greatest positive impact driven by existing resources and team members and their real-time deal scenarios.


    Think of us as part Sales Mentor part Fractional VP of Sales.

    We help you apply your founder, engineer and product development focused talents towards founding repeatable sales model that will attract the world's best proven sales team.


    Every team, situation and stage is different. 

    These LeanSalesTraining.com components* are uniquely applied to your endeavor to help you remove or navigate obstacles while you establish your own repeatable sales model.


    * many originate from master Founding Sales Pro Steve Browne

    (see his "Innovator's Traction" blog and free ebook for more detailed)

    Sales is a Search

    Establish the key mindset to turn sales from "selling" into a "Search" for the suffering you uniquely end.


    Determine who your target market is with these three questions:

    1) Why buy Anything

    2) Why buy from Us

    3) Why buy Now

    Simple Qualification Checklist

    Apply the simple framework to dig for unique suffering to quickly qualify prospects (Suffering, Commitment and Path).


    Institutionalize a 10-steps process used to forecast pipeline and to prioritize precious sales and technical resources.

    Daily Pipeline Mgmt.

    Establish the daily habit of starting the day focusing your sales efforts with a disciplined pipeline management system.


    Apply sales process and metrics to any off the shelf CRM system or online spreadsheet.

    Worth Y(our) Time

    Mindset, Process, and Phrases to manage buy-in and quickly establish credibility with prospects for structuring every moment and meeting to make the best use of everyone's time.

    Founder Awareness

    Self-awareness and self-management practices to let go of personal needs that will never be met by selling, and that ultimately get in the way of your massive positive impact to the world, while learning how to identify and manage through or around triggers commonly encountered in sales and innovation.

    Founder Sales

    Understand the difference of Sales and Founder Sales, common pitfalls during Founder Sales and your role as founder or innovator at different stages of your new company's, products's and/or market's development.

    Open Meetings with the Close in Mind

    Train how to manage sales meetings to shorten sales cycles and make the best use of everyone's time in a refreshingly straight forward and appreciated way where you delegate the close to the prospect.

    Close Mind and Mouth to Open Hearts

    Learn to gain credibility by giving the "sales hat" to the prospect, closing your mind (and mouth) in a way that encourage hearts to open revealing true suffering that you uniquely can end for making your prospect a hero.


    Create the least amount of statements and questions you need to say to get a prospect emotionally engaged enough to open up about their unique suffering.

    Pilot Close

    Accelerate learning, commitment and revenue with pilots early on saving precious runway selling to the right prospects in the right way at the right time.

    MVPain Hypotheses

    Create your MVPain then validate the type of suffering that drives prospects to actually buy.

    "Just in Time" Techniques

    Once a lean sales process is setup, learn new skills and techniques based on Pipeline calls and what's needed to either disqualify an opportunity faster or to simplify and shorten the sales cycle for specific deals.


    Establish what it takes to move opportunities through the pipeline for sales planning and refinement.

    Marketing Experiments

    List all potential channels and setup quick inexpensive tests to narrow in on how you most efficiently and effectively reach your target customers.


    Explore possible channels and what "proof" and support you need to invest in order to make those channels productive.


    Document "winning" email, call and demo scripts.


    Determine type of reps, experience and comp structure that fit your needs; and how to manage them as CEO.


    Source, Interview, Recruit based on your repeatable sales model.

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    With a validated repeatable sales model you will attract top talent sales professionals to scale your sales. Contact us to explore if the only thing between you and scaling sales is lean sales process.



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